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old cat

  1. MommyNaNell

    8 yrs old cat diagnosed with overgrowth of bad bacteria..

    I am new to the Lair, and new to owning a Sphynx. My cat's name is Devlinn, she will be 9 years old December 7th. I received my cat from a family member who owns quite a few. I brought her home at the end of June. She started having diarrhea a little before I took her home. We traveled 800 miles...
  2. Jacks153

    Cats & Cat Year Conversion! Did you know?!

    Cats and Cat Years Conversion Converting between cat years and human years isn't as simple as using a factor of 7 (as some people erroneously think with dogs, and sometimes cats). The main reason is that cats mature quickly in the first couple of years of life. To convert cat age to an...
  3. Cat Thompson

    Help! Bringing a new sphynx into my small one sphynx household~

    Hi everyone! My name is Cat and I currently have one two year old sphynx Cat Luminara (loving, lots of energy, slight only child/diva but not bad) and I am considering bringing a 9 month old male sphynx on. I have read many articles online about how to introduce them, but I feel sphynx cats are...