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  1. J


    Hi there. I am a fellow sphynx fan! I have been researching these little critters and we have decided as a family that we are ready for one of our own. If you have any tips or any available kitties in the Oregon area, please pet us know! :)
  2. Lexi

    New Here!

    Hello!! i am from Salem, Oregon. My fiancée and i already have one beautiful pitbull named apollo who gets lonely quickly and would love a playful and cuddly friend!! I am in need of an emotional support animal as well! Thanks for reading! We love animals and all things odd!!
  3. Rox

    Found! Amazing Portland, OR Veterinary Clinic AND hospital/specialists!

    My cat and I have just gone on a long mysterious illness oddysy. For about 5 months the only thing I heard from 4 vet offices is "Well, all of your test results came up negative, we don't know what's wrong with him". Not a moment too soon I lucked out and found Laurelhurst Veterinary Hospital...
  4. Sphynx4sure

    Male Sphynx in Oregon

    There is a sweet boy available in Portland, Oregon. He is a red boy, 5 years old and recently rescued from a local shelter. He grew up with an elderly woman, and when she was unable to care for him, the family turned him into the shelter. He has been in a foster home for about a week now and he...