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  1. Sanctuarie

    Pawing my face! Help!

    I have an adorable baby boy, Tommy (well, he's not a baby anymore, 4 yrs old, but he's *my* baby). Anyway, he got into this terrible habit of pawing at my face! He started doing it for attention, if I'd stop petting him for a second, he'd paw at my face until I'd continue. I'd try to stop him...
  2. Crombie00

    My cat paws my face..???

    My girl cat is always curious and on-the-go. Lately she has become quite fascinated by my mouth and eyes. She will place her paw on my face with claws out or appear to want to stratch or kneed?? What should I do? I try to redirect her and it works. My fear is she might do it while I sleep. I...