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  1. thepurpledahlia

    Is this allergy or something else?

    Hello! I’m a mom of my first kitten (3 months old)! His name is Isaac, and he is my cutie angel. Few days ago I’ve noticed some strange spots on him :( Unfortunately in my city there is no vets who specialise on sphynx cats, so I wanna ask you, can it be an allergy? He was ill and vet gave him...
  2. Arichelic

    Tail tip issue?

    Hey all, just another question from this new sphynx momma. Virokketh has this weird bump on the end of his tail. When we first got him it looked like either a pimple or that the end of the last tail bone was poking through the skin (not bloody, just very pale in color). It's been a few weeks...
  3. Amy31


    hey guys, any clue on this and the best way to treat it? I think it's a Boyle but has a slight yellow head also, I've pressed a warm flannel into it and he wasn't to happy, moved his head when I tried and I wasn't pressing hard so I think it's abit sore!! Tia