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  1. Raleo

    Red ring around butt hole when pooping

    So this is random, When a cat goes to the kitty box as pushing out a poop about 3mm of red flesh is on show. My vets seem to think this is normal as he’s bald “you can see more because he’s nude” it always goes back in. Is this common?
  2. Eelsa

    Sphynx poops

    About to own my very first Sphinx and wanted to ask if the stories of their poops being the worst is true? I have heard some people say their entire house will smell after their poops.
  3. kelsheyyx

    more poop problems

    I think I mentioned this in my previous posts, but I'm going to bring it up again and see if you guys have any experience, insight, or advice for me on this. Ophelia has a tendency to step in her poop - a lot. Not all the time, but about once a week (at least) she poops and steps in it in the...
  4. confessions of a teenage drama king

    confessions of a teenage drama king

    i hope he doesn't feel humiliated by this photo
  5. SarahLovee82

    IBS what are you feeding

    Hey all. Quick question. Those of you that have kitties that have IBS- What are you feeding them (besides raw) to help control things?
  6. kerrisaysss

    Kitten not does and doesnt use litter box??

    Hey guys! I'm having some issues with my kitten and I hope you guys can give some advice? We purchased a Sphynx kitten in August from a very good breeder and he seemed to have his kittens trained to use the litter box but we did notice that some of them would pee in the sink. Since we brought...