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  1. SarahShambles

    HELP! :(in over

    So poor little Luna is unwell! Temperature of 41c and just really lethargic ;( the vet has given her anti biotics and an injection to take the temp down. She’s back home with us now we were offered for her to be kept in over night and possibly on a drip! I felt like that was a bit much as she’s...
  2. SarahShambles

    Sick boy

    hey guys! My boy was sick this morning over the bed *good stuff* he'd just been sleeping and got up and threw up then went to the litter tray to do a horrendous wet smelly poo :( anyone else's baldy get sick randomly? He did have a dreamy treat yesterday and they can make him sick :( Sarah
  3. Cooper Rose

    Help with my poorly kitten

    hey, So after months of excitedly waiting I finally got my lil Bear yesterday lunch time! when I went to collect him I noticed his tummy was a lot larger than the other kittens. When I asked the breeder she said that he'd been to the vets the day before for a check up and his final injection...
  4. Elaina

    Poorly kitten.

    Hi all, I'm really sad. Poor Gabbi is only 6 months and has a series of issues. I actually think she had her cat flu symptoms from when we viewed and brought her home. She only sneezed once upon viewing so I assumed that is was nothing to worry about. I did view her on two occasions and she did...
  5. Kirsty

    Help! My sphynx has 'scars' all over but I think they're something else!

    I bought a kitten. I now believe from someone who I shouldn't. I noticed scars on the way home but hadn't noticed them in the house. Some were round so assumed ring worm scars and started asking some questions. Vet doesn't have a clue what they are and I'm now led to believe by a few breeders...