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pot belly

  1. wesleydeman

    Is this 10 month old boy overweight?

    So I already had a male Sphynx cat in the past before my current one, but in his adulthood I wouldn't consider him a big heavy Sphynx cat. I would say he was about average for a cat. Now I have 2 new Sphynx cats since May this year, they're brother and sister currently 10 months old. Here are 2...
  2. Cooper Rose

    Help with my poorly kitten

    hey, So after months of excitedly waiting I finally got my lil Bear yesterday lunch time! when I went to collect him I noticed his tummy was a lot larger than the other kittens. When I asked the breeder she said that he'd been to the vets the day before for a check up and his final injection...
  3. leah jilton

    Pot Belly

    My little Nigel has me worried. This past weekend he went and stayed at the breeders house because I was going out of town and he was supposed to get nuetered. My boyfriend picked him up yesterday. When I got home I was shocked. His belly has gotten very big. He is still pooping and eating and...