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potty training

  1. Leeanne


    New sphynx owner having a couple issues I hope to fix ASAP! My kitten Rosé seems to be pooping all over our apartment. She mainly poops in the bed while we are sleeping or on my partner side of the bed on the floor . She has also pooped in the closet and an area in the dining room . What's...
  2. Kinkandwillow

    Potty training

    hey yall! Have any of you tried potty training your cats? I have 3 and I'm going through a ton of litter and as we all know sphynx poops aren't the most pleasant smelling If anyone has attempted this please share your experience/any tips or tricks you have! Thanks
  3. confessions of a teenage drama king

    confessions of a teenage drama king

    i hope he doesn't feel humiliated by this photo