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  1. MommyNaNell

    8 yrs old cat diagnosed with overgrowth of bad bacteria..

    I am new to the Lair, and new to owning a Sphynx. My cat's name is Devlinn, she will be 9 years old December 7th. I received my cat from a family member who owns quite a few. I brought her home at the end of June. She started having diarrhea a little before I took her home. We traveled 800 miles...
  2. annaleemv

    Supplements for Cats Over Age 10

    Hello Sphynx Lovers, What supplements do you feed your cats? Currently, I am working on a slow transition to raw food. She is not on raw food yet. Right now, she is eating kibble and wet food in separate bowls. I'm hoping to eliminate the kibble altogether and eventually transition the wet into...
  3. Sammicarkeys

    Diarrhea and Probiotics.

    I swear, I can't catch a break. As mentioned in a previous post, Leon was diagnosed with two intestinal protozoan parasites (coccidia and giardia). He was giving Panacur and Albon but he continued to have bloody diarrhea. Negative Coccidia on the second test. No way to know about the Giardia yet...
  4. GMPLAX23

    Probiotic question

    Is it safe to give my kitten a probiotic before consulting a vet? His wellness check is soon but I would like a solid poo sooner rather than later.....
  5. MollysMom

    Update and can you use human probiotics?

    So poor little Molly's meow went back to normal after a few days, but now she keeps having mucus-y poop and it's a bit runny. I have had her on fortiflora once a day since Thursday, and it's not helping. We added pumpkin yesterday, still no help. Yesterday she was in the box pooping, and...