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raw and kibble

  1. QueenPeach

    She stopped eating her food! HELP

    Hello dear Sphynx Lair community, We picked Peachie from a breeder 8 months ago and been feeding her raw food that the breeder recommended. It is a blend of Chicken, Beef, and Salmon. She used to love it and ate 3 full burger patties a day. Sometimes she would leave a tiny bit and would finish...
  2. gollumthesphynx

    The Transition From Kibble to RAWr ;)

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. I've been reading the Raw DIet threads and have come across some really important points when it comes to transitioning our babies to a raw diet. However, I'm still having some doubts and questions in regard to the full transitional process. So far...
  3. W

    Does feeding a Sphynx a raw diet make their poop smell better???

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the sphynx lair and I'm in the process of adopting a sphynx. He won't be ready till February as he isn't even born yet lol but I've done tons of research to educate myself about sphynxes to understand them and see what would be best for them. I've read that a lot of...
  4. pearlpollard

    Raw? Kibble? Poop?

    Hi all! I've had some issues with my little girl and have gotten great advice and tried many things within the last few days...now I have more questions! Haha! I started feed my 5 month old girl more food in hopes to stop her constant meowing. I feed Natures Instint raw 3 times a day and also...
  5. zoinks

    Feeding raw & kibble at the same time

    I have seen people asking about this a few times here. I was doing some reading and found the following article which I found really interesting. Quite long but definitely worth a skim. This applies to feeding them at the same time (ie. mixing or free feeding dry while feeding raw)...