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  1. SardonicSilence

    Aspiring to own a Sphynx (Halp? =P)

    Hey there, fellow appreciators of feline nekkidness! It's nice to meet you all! My name is Amber, and I've been looking into getting a Sphynx for quite some time. COVID means I now work from home, and need a 'colleague' for some company during the day. (Having finally worn my partner down on...
  2. O

    Natural Instinct raw cat food. Taurine and supplements.

    Hi, do you think the Natural Instinct Turkey raw meat Country Banquet (Cat) Turkey has all the needed, nutritional ingredients in it? And the other Natural Instinct raw meat ones? Does the Natural Instinct Turkey raw meat contain taurine? And if so, is it enough taurine? What percentage or how...
  3. Maddie

    What do you feed your dogs?

    So, Chappie has never been a big eater, but we got him on nutrience sub zero kibble. Guess what company changed the kibble size and made it bigger? Guess which dog won't eat it anymore? Lol we have tried all the nutrience pretty much, and the acana that he can eat. And nothing. Right now we...
  4. Cinderstar95

    Kitty strollers

    Can someone recommend a decent quality stroller for my little psycho? I'd love to take her out and give her some fresh air, but I am a broke college student, and many of these strollers seem so expensive and I wont know if she even really likes it until I sit her in one. it would add the benefit...