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  1. J

    ISO Sphynx in need of re homing or adoption.

    Hello! i've been doing a ton of research and am finally ready to take the plunge into getting a cat companion for me and my Aussie. Im located in upstate NY and would love to give a Sphynx kitten or cat a new life in our home. Im also interested in the peterbald cats and kittens as well. My...
  2. Alexandria

    Looking to Rehome in North Texas

    This 9 year old female, Cleo, is looking for a new home. She does have food allergies and is currently eating Instinct. I think she would also do well on a hydrolyzed protein. I am not aware of any other health problems. She does get seasonal fuzzies and she can be grumpy with new people giving...
  3. nbarnard

    Looking to Adopt!

    Hello everyone! I am new to this page, but I am already a sphynx mom! My partner and I are looking to rehome a sphynx (male or female, any age) as we know there are some out there needing a forever home We have a sweet girl (Miss Pearl), who is very quirky! She loves to snuggle, play on her...