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retired breeder

  1. F

    Guys I need your opinion as soon as you can give it!!

    Hey guys I think I might of found a sphynx! She is 4 and is gonna be spayed and shes gonna be $650! From what I can tell Patti the lady selling her seems legit, they live in Virginia so its not to far from me. They were giving her up because her last litter was full of defects and all died. The...
  2. F

    Guys I have struck a low point in my search

    Guys I really just wanna give up trying to find a sphynx. Every person that seems legit either stops contacting me or ends up being a major scam! I want a special needs, retired breeder, or an adult sphynx who I can give the best life but so far that’s been too hard! Why do people try and scam...
  3. M

    Seattle/ PNW :looking to adopt a kitty!

    Hello, I’m Megan and I’m looking to adopt a older sphynx cat. Preferably with good health records. I’d love to also go through a local breeder. I’m not exactly comfortable with having my kitty shipped. I’d appreciate any resources or tips you guys have. Thanks! Megan
  4. Melcap

    Looking for calm adult sphynx or donskoy

    hello, not sure if this is the right place to post this or not - I'm in the US and have a calm female that I think is lonely, I would like to add a calm adult (preferably male) to the house instead of an energetic kitten. Where do you search for this? kittens seem to be a dime a...
  5. SphynxMom1993

    TN or anywhere! Looking for Sphynx for Godparents. They LOVE our 15 year old Sphynx

    If anyone has a Sphynx they are rehoming my Godparents would be perfect and they have no pets. He/she would be the only pet and really loved and doted on! They are retired, have lots of love and time, own their home and stable. They prefer a female but a male is fine if he's not a marker. Inbox...