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  1. RickiMoon

    ISO Sphinx Cat- Seattle

    Hi I’m new around here. I was wondering if anyone would have any leads on finding a cat in the Seattle area. Elk the breeders who have contacted me are from out of the country and want $2500+ per cat. That is more than I’m wanting to spend ($1200). Please help meeeee. I’d be more interested in...
  2. L

    5 year old male Sphinx in Seattle

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for a new home for my baby Winston. I can no longer care for him due to illness, but he is happy and healthy. He loves being cuddled and playing with the laser pointer. If anyone is interested in taking him please let me know. He is currently being fostered at a cat...
  3. M

    Seattle/ PNW :looking to adopt a kitty!

    Hello, I’m Megan and I’m looking to adopt a older sphynx cat. Preferably with good health records. I’d love to also go through a local breeder. I’m not exactly comfortable with having my kitty shipped. I’d appreciate any resources or tips you guys have. Thanks! Megan
  4. Miss Beck

    Looking for a new home in PNW

    I am helping a friend here in Seattle, rehome thier Male sr Sphynx Einstein. He is a sweet old boy who just wants a warm lap, a few spankins and someone who has time to love on him. His owner has had him since he was a kitten, but has started her own company and cannot give him the time he...