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  1. Cinderstar95

    Kitten health question?

    Hello! I have a four and a half month old red tabby girl named Arora. She is a very busy little girl and I am certain that I am posting this in part of an over reaction, but what what could be indicated by hind leg shaking? She often shakes her back legs like she has something stuck on her...
  2. millie jane

    Head jerking to the side

    Hey guys My little dude bernie who is now 9 months old has been getting episodes of his head jerking backwards or to the side, along with a squinting eye on his left side. We took him straight to the after hours vet when it first happened 6 weeks ago and they advised us to get blood work done...
  3. kelsheyyx

    breeze litter box?

    I've had many friends recommend the breeze litter system to me since it is a lot less smelly, and there is no litter that will be tracked around the house. My kitten was using scoop away before I bought her, so I bought that for her to use and placed it next to the breeze. I'm trying to...