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  1. Heather Neumann

    Socializing kittens with dogs

    How do you go about socializing kittens with other pet in the house (i.e dogs, other cats, even other humans) what has worked and / or not worked for you? ADVICE?
  2. heyheyhaven

    Introducing a rabbit to a sphynx?

    Hello everyone. I have an interesting situation and I could use some advice. I had a pet lionhead rabbit named Kismit. She was well socialized, sweet, and playful. When I moved out I couldn't bring Kismit with me. So I gave her to a family friend who promised to take good care of her. Since...
  3. illhyhl

    cat socialization?

    my cat io is just a little over a year old, and has yet to socialize with a cat. (she has only had exposure to dogs, birds, and my pet rabbit) so my question is a) will it be difficult for her to socialize with other cats? b) are there any tips on introducing her to other cats? and c) are there...