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  1. PUE

    the crew

    house full from hairless sphynx fuzzy out crosses manx and fold and our 18 year old every day black cat, active in rescue and bottle babies so we almost always have a few extra, been interesting poking around too day too see so many lovers of the breed sometimes i t tell my sphynx from my dogs...
  2. Normie1994

    Looking to adopt a Sphynx baby

    Hi! My name is Lauren and I'm looking for some help on adopting a Sphynx baby. I'm 22 and live in northern California. I love cats, but my significant other is quite allergic! He loves cats too so we're hoping to give the route a go! If you need to rehome one of your babies please let me know. I...
  3. Amy31

    Play time..

    Does anyone else have a slight problem with "play time"? My little one is extreamly loving, but it's like someone flips a switch and he's crazy! He flys round the house crashing into everything possible, launches himself at faces, backs, legs from miles away, (when he's being lovey he climbs on...