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sphynx cat health

  1. lolvo

    Found Good Vet in Puget Sound!

    Hey all, Completely by serendipity, I think I've found a good vet in the slightly-south-of-Seattle area. I got a coupon in this month's valpak envelope for South Seattle Veterinary Hospital. I figured since Missy and I will be traveling soon, I might as well get her an annual checkup and shots...
  2. Amy31

    HCM screening and UK specialist vets

    hi all I've been reading up,on HCM and I'm wanting to get my little one screened to sort of put me at ease, I have absolutely no worries about his health but I'd feel even better doing this! On a lot of things I read it says to screen the if breeding, surely you can have it done if you are not...