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sphynx rescue

  1. D

    EARS - newbie (help)

    Hi, We rescued our beauty Darcy yesterday. (Intro post here for some of her back story -https://sphynxlair.com/community/threads/meet-darcy-we-rescued-her-yesterday-help-appreciated.53774/) She needs a good wash and pamper, and I’m trying to educate myself more on ear care before I give...
  2. Catwaffles

    Greetings! From a sphynx rescuer

    Hello Sphynxlair, I am a long time observer and first time poster! I was the proud momma of a grey boy named Poe who unfortunately we lost due to renal failure in 2021. I do rescue, mostly dogs, but have worked in cattery settings as well. By a stroke of luck 3 weeks ago, one of my rescue...
  3. Trinity Taylor

    Toad (in Arizona ) would really like a friend!

    Hello My name is Trinity and I live in Arizona with my husband and two girls, ages 6 & 16. We currently have one Sphynx, a wonderful boy named Toad. He is an only cat and I do feel he would benefit from a buddy. I am a certified veterinary technician and have worked in the field for over...
  4. Ambrownq

    Connecticut and nearby states.

    Looking for an adoptable Sphynx, In this area for my sister. She will be turning 18 next month and she loves my Sphynx and my sister's Sphynx as well. I would love to get a cat for her for her birthday.
  5. Sphynx4sure

    Male Sphynx in Oregon

    There is a sweet boy available in Portland, Oregon. He is a red boy, 5 years old and recently rescued from a local shelter. He grew up with an elderly woman, and when she was unable to care for him, the family turned him into the shelter. He has been in a foster home for about a week now and he...