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    Levi & Koko

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  4. Chilly Willy

    Is this normally how a Spynx drinks?

    Hello everyone! I hope your new year is off to a good start. We are wishing nothing but head butts and smooches for all as you enter this new year with lots of new adventures with fellow lairians! So my question is this. After watching the attached video or video link, is this the "normal" way...
  5. admin

    Funny instagram pic!

    Just had to share todays "The Daily Nude" here on the Lair for those that do not follow or use Instagram. Its sort of funny, I have seen this more then once, the nudes hanging in underwear while the human uses the toilet. If you have instagram, please follow Sphynxlair and be sure to tag...
  6. admin

    Instagram Promo

    I usually do a promo pic for our Sphynxlair Instagram account to try to attract new members to the Sphynxlair community. If your an instagrammer don't forget to follow us @sphynxlair and #tag your sphynx photos #sphynxlair for a chance at "The Daily Nude." We do a "Daily Nude" feature every...
  7. gothicmist


    Forgive me if there is a thread already about this :) I know some of you must be on here and I dont put two and two together :) I am thisrockermind I dont post just the cats though if that matters haha
  8. smithmh987

    New sphynx kitten soon!

    I'm new to spynxlair, and new to sphynx cats. My little man will be here in 26 days! Some photos are attached.. I knew he was the one as soon as I saw his photos! I was just browsing when I found him, but he was too beautiful to pass up. Photo2 by smithmh987 posted May 28, 2014 at 7:44 PMPhoto3...