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stealing food

  1. Dallassummer

    Ravenous Kitty

    Hey guys! I haven't been around in awhile. Just finishing up Nursing School and I remembered how fun and helpful this place is. I have an issue with my bambino Nala. I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I have three kitties, Simba (6yrs. Sphynx), Nala (5yrs. Bambino), & Kiara (1.5yrs...
  2. Monica

    BAD Table Manners: training help

    We've had Kenzo for 2 weeks now, and he has been everything I had hoped, and more! He is so well behaved the majority of the time, so cuddly and sweet, so great with my 9 month old daughter and my 2 dogs.... Only issue is, he has HORRIBLE table manners.:arghh: When Hubs and I are eating, he is...
  3. Molly Pearl

    Advice on Walter's new habit of stealing hooman food?

    Hello all, We recently decided to switch Walter and Sturgeon over to a raw diet-- especially with Walter's HCM diagnosis we think this would be beneficial. The first step was to get rid of dry food. We took away the dry food and we're feeding them three cans of wet food (5.5 oz) throughout the...