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  1. peachsmoothie

    My shpynx won't sleep

    Hello. New to this feed. I usually don't ask for help, but I am desperate! My sweet girl has issues and I am not sure where they come from. We adopted her two years ago. She was about 1 year old when we brought her home. She's always been loving, but has had anxiety/OCD issues from the...
  2. misseliss

    New Environment Stress or Vet Care?

    Hi All, I need your help and opinions! Day 4 of having the kitten, she's 3 mos old and we have been slowly introducing her to the dog (no close interactions.) She has finally gotten the hang of using the litter again, but is throwing up the little amount of food she is eating each day and...
  3. Cgc

    Leonard Hates baths

    Hello, I just recieved our new kitten about a week ago, and he seems to be really stressed out when i gave him a bath or cleaned his ears. He really doesnt seem to like it when i use kitten wipes on him to get the oil off in the mornings. I talk to him and pet him gently during. I just hate...
  4. lyndxe


    hey everyone, our two boys, Boris and Melvin, are steadily growing, and just last week received their neuter surgery (at the age of 6 months). they're amazing, and we love them both so much! they really have made our lives wonderful. i do have one small concern though. or maybe not so small...