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stud tail

  1. Ortie and Kheru

    Tummy and Tail Troubles

    Hello everyone! My Ortensia is a 3 y.o. female (spayed) sphynx beauty who has had a couple issues that I have been battling since I've had her (at 14 weeks). Problem #1: Ortie has chronic loose stools. When I first got her as a kitten, I put her on grain free blue buffalo kitten food and she...
  2. Spoon&Sphynx

    Stud tail acting up yet again

    I've read some of the stud tail forums here, but I'm just at a loss what to do. My Luna has the absolute worst tail acne. She's 2 and a half and fixed. She gets huge black heads that literally feel like pebbles. She also gets cyst build ups when the acne gets really bad. We've mentioned it to...