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sun spots

  1. M

    Skin problems

    hey, well my sphynx cat have skin issues like sunburns and dots in the head cause he runaway like 3 days, the doctor send us recomendations for his Health but not for his skin so I wanna know what to do to regenerate the skin of my baby :( Please help, im literally crying bcause i dont know what...
  2. K

    Concerned Age Spots/dark pigmentation? Is this normal or a serious problem?

    I got my sphynx from craiglist 5 years ago. Age unknown. I think she is around 15 years old. These spots were not there 5 years ago and are increasing rapidly over the past 1-2 years. She is also obese and on a diet. Her skin has been very oily and she is always dirty so I increased her showers...
  3. Yoda mom

    Black Sphynx pigmentation

    I recently adopted a black Sphynx that has a very large area of pigmentation on only one side of his body. He was sunbathing in the window at his previous home. He was vet checked last month. The vet report diagnosis said it is normal pigmentation for his age - almost 4 yrs old - and basking...