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  1. M

    desperate - problems after problems

    Hi all, Just to start off, my husband and I got our first sphynx kitten back in May. We spent prior months researching his breed and we were confident in owning one. So , we got our kitten online from a breeder in our town. He was not a credible breeder and to be honest, we got our pet at a...
  2. Jenn.Dios

    Feline hyperesthesia?

    My little Swindle (6 year old male sphynx) recently had bitten his tail to the point it had to be amputated. About 2 inches from the tip. He use to just lick it. We are going through various steps to try to fix it. As he is in a cone now. It is healed but he continues to try to bite it. I have...