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  1. KaylaTeague

    Sphynx Owners in NC or SC?

    Hello everyone! I am wondering where my NC/SC sphynx owners are located? I posted in the introduction thread that I am looking to adopt a sphynx sometime in the future. However, I have never met a sphynx and would like to do that before purchasing a kitten. I live in Wilmington, NC which is...
  2. André n service cat training

    André n service cat training

    André visits assistance living homes
  3. Tale Grude

    Bringing Kisa for visits

    Hello! Again.. :P I really want to bring Kisa with me to visit my Dad on weekends. I'll be staying there for a few days from time to time and would really like to bring her along. I want her to get used to my dads house so that if have to go away for something she can stay with my dad without it...