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  1. Bosskitty


    Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well. So since I've been off work and on lockdown, we've had some lovely weather. and it has reminded me that in the summer and warmer months I'm going to want my apartment windows open for some fresh air. We have large floor to ceiling windows all throughout our...
  2. 65B606B9-1BD3-4404-866B-B4B8107C2F96.jpeg


    Doing everything possible that everyone knows I’m here
  3. Hairless Blessing

    For ones that want to deter their cats from the doors and counter tops.

    I seen this at petsmart Saturday. I though about people asking of a way to keep their cats off counter tops and away from the doors. I didn't check it out, but, here it is. The ones that are interested Will just have to read about it and use your own judgement. The link...