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won't eat

  1. Maddie

    What do you feed your dogs?

    So, Chappie has never been a big eater, but we got him on nutrience sub zero kibble. Guess what company changed the kibble size and made it bigger? Guess which dog won't eat it anymore? Lol we have tried all the nutrience pretty much, and the acana that he can eat. And nothing. Right now we...
  2. Moezesucks

    Dry food to wet...or raw??

    ive been having crazy problems with my kitties and bloody stools. 13000$ and 5 vet visits later i found out pumpkin is the cure. My baby margaret will not eat wet food and so ive been feeding her the pumpkin through a syringe. But i want to make the switch so i can just add it to her food...