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  1. Iwanna Sphynx

    worm and flea?

    First time cat owner; does my indoor only Sphynx need wormed monthly and flea treatment; I have two pugs who I treat monthly
  2. MelissaAlice

    .. worms?

    I'm taking Toothless into the vets tomorrow; I think she may have worms. :depressed: She's got a little pudge happening in the belly area, but no other symptoms. She is crazy active, and eats a ton! I'm just wondering if anyone has suggestion on what type of medication I should be looking at...
  3. Amy31


    Hey guys just a quick question, how often do you worm your cat? My little ones coming up to 6months and I've been told varies thing from different vets, from every month to every 3, lucifers around my own cats who go out a lot and my boyfriends cats who go out, also is he old enough to be done...