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  1. C

    Looking to adopt - NY but will travel!

    Hi Sphynx fam! I'm a longtime admirer of these kitties with extensive experience taking care of special needs animals, and am now hoping to open my home to a Sphynx. I would be happy to adopt an adult or a kitten. ❤️
  2. S

    NYC Nurse looking for sweet Sphynx

    Hi! I’m absolutely new to this thread, I think this forum is such a fantastic place to share and learn! I’m a NYC based RN who has been desperately seeking a Sphynx to share my home and life with. I have always wanted a Sphynx cat and since working during this pandemic I realized that life is...
  3. CasonMilton435

    Looking to adopt kitty NYC/Queens

    We are looking to adopt a Sphynx baby to love and add to our home. We live next door to my mother in law who has a 11 year old tabby so new Sphynx won’t be too lonely/can have a play date if wanted. Looking for an ex-breeder or any Sphynx for rehome. We will pay shipping. Thanks for reading!
  4. B

    ISO sphynx cat, Boston, willing to travel

    Hi everyone! I’m looking to adopt a Sphynx cat or kitten. I’m from Boston, have no pets (but did growing up!), and will travel anywhere for my future baby :) I’m in law school and have a lot of time at home to devote to a sweet Sphynx. thank you so much!
  5. B

    Looking to Adopt in NYC area

    Hi, I am desperately looking to adopt a sphynx cat. I'm a big believer in adoption of pets overall, and am sure that there are some sphynx cats in need of a good home- open to any ages, including seniors! I live in Brooklyn but can travel easily within NYC and a 2 hour area around the city...
  6. Jmcduff

    Hello from PA

    hello everyone! I've posted a bit mostly in the adoption center and spent a few weeks lurking (I'm a people watcher!). My name is Jess, 25, female from Erie PA. I have never owned a Sphynx before, but I am desperate to change that! I have been reading and researching the breed for a little...
  7. Mystique

    Looking to re-home my 4 year old King and Queen- NYC Tristate Area

    It is sad for me to say this, but I am currently looking to re-home the 2 loves of my life: Queen: Mystique & King: Rithy. I am currently retiring from breeding (they are not neutered yet). I am getting married next month and are moving. Unfortunately my fiance is HIGHLY allergic to them and has...
  8. R

    Bad News: are these allergic reaction?

    Before I clear up all my worries of finally getting my dream Sphynx cat, there's another big issue that I have to deal with....and we just found out about it too One of my family members might be allergic to cats. We first noticed it when we went to my piano teacher's house today, she owns...
  9. Mgbeelow

    Looking to adopt in NY & tri-state area

    Hi there, We recently dealt with the passing of our beloved Sphynxy, Leo. We are looking to fill the void in out lives by adopting a more mature Sphynx. Were willing to drive the distance if need to. Thank you.