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  1. Cassiopeiaa

    Brown spot on Sphynx's belly

    Hello, so this is my first post so bear with me. I have an almost 7-year-old sphynx with a brown spot on her belly. it is new, It does not seem to be raised, and it doesn't seem to bring her discomfort. No changes in food/litter/shampoo. I use odor lock litter, benzoyl peroxide shampoo [as...
  2. LittleGargoyle

    9 year old rescue cat

    Hello Sphynx people. I'm not a Sphynx person yet, as I don't own a Sphynx yet. My husband and I recently looked after a Sphynx for someone else for two months, and we fell completely in love with the breed. I recently contacted a local Sphynx rescue to find out if they had any cats that need...
  3. acduff

    It ACTUALLY happened!!

    I am excited to share with all of you that I am officially a Sphynx Mama! I seriously can't believe it really happened. After months of searching, with no luck, I came across this website by chance. Two weeks of perusing and only two days after posting someone actually reached out! A very sweet...
  4. Bosskitty

    Mouse update

    So I’ve now had Mouse for just over a month and he’s settled in wonderfully. He no longer appears stressed or anxious at all. His constant wailing has stopped (however he’s still pretty vocal haha), he eats his meals at a normal rate now instead of inhaling them and has formed a routine with us...
  5. KruegerandSimba

    Is it normal for an adult sphynx to have black teeth?!

    Hello everyone! I have just rehomed a lovely sphynx boy called Simba... he's my Krueger''s brother from a previous litter... but his canines are black! Is this normal?? Its not plaque. He's eating fine. And the teeth seem OK apart from the colour... apparently he was fed on only biscuits... but...
  6. SphynxMomma78

    First bath for adopted Osiris

    Some of you may remember that I just adopted Osiris 1 mo ago. I was told that he had never gotten a bath at his previous owner's home, and hated them. Well, I just gave Osiris a bath and it didn't go as bad as I was expecting! He didn't want to go into the bathtub, but I was able to squirt him...