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  1. L

    Looking to adopt in AZ

    My fiancé and I are looking to adopt! We have decided it's time to add a special member to our family. We are located in PHX AZ and are willing to travel. We have a beautiful loft with lots of natural light and my fiancé works from home. He/she will receive lots of attention, love and affection.
  2. Quinn16

    Looking to adopt a Sphynx baby, located in western New York

    I’m looking to adopt a sphynx cat, preferably a female (already have a 3 year old female calico) but any sphynx would do with the right temperament :) I’m willing to travel (to an extent)
  3. 3mmy1115

    Wanting to adopt SC, NC, TN, VA, GA

    Hello I'm Emily and I'm currently trying to adopt my first sphynx ever. This is my dream cat and I'm so ready to give a baby a home. I would be the best cat mommy ever! If anybody knows anyone needing to find there kitty a home contact me! I live in SC and would be willing to drive to get my...
  4. B

    ISO sphynx cat, Boston, willing to travel

    Hi everyone! I’m looking to adopt a Sphynx cat or kitten. I’m from Boston, have no pets (but did growing up!), and will travel anywhere for my future baby :) I’m in law school and have a lot of time at home to devote to a sweet Sphynx. thank you so much!
  5. Destinyrp21

    Looking to Adopt a Sphynx

    Hello! My name is Destiny and I'm looking to adopt a sphynx cat. I've been looking for a little over a year now, and doing my research on them, and I've decided that I'm ready to adopt! I say adopt because I'm more interested in giving an unwanted cat a home than purchasing one from a breeder. I...
  6. MrsCreepshow

    Lost my eldest, now ready to adopt

    In October, just two days after his 11th birthday, my eldest cat child Jobie departed this world. Jobie was a unique puddle of wrinkles and made of pure love. He was my everything and I miss him everyday. I know his brother misses him as well so I am looking to adopt another Sphynx into the...
  7. tessaelise16

    Looking to adopt Sphynx kitten/young/adult in the San Antonio, TX area!

    Hi there! My name is Tessa and I have been fond of Sphynx/Devon Rex cats for as long as I can remember! I haven't had any luck with finding one at any local shelters and I dont know how to feel about the "professional breeders" and their high costs.. I am happy to have found this site! :cat...
  8. KitKat121

    Looking to adopt in Michigan, willing to travel (any Canadians out there?)

    Hi! I'm Stephanie. Recently, I was set to adopt my first ever sphynx, an adorable male tuxedo, but due to complications he passed away within weeks of gotcha day :cry:With a broken heart, I've been on the lookout for a baby like him ever since. However, my funds are very limited now because, if...
  9. Cassie Taylor

    Looking to Adopt a Sphynx

    I've been looking to adopt a Sphynx for quite some time now. I'm interested in adopting/rehoming an adult Sphynx ideally, because they deserve their endless love given back! I'm located in Montana and I have found it to be very difficult in locating any available babies to adopt so far.I have 2...