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  1. BronAndRaj

    Diagnosed w HCM need medication advice

    My two year old sweetheart sphynx just got diagnosed with HCM. It's not too extreme but it's noticeable... Our vet prescribed Lotensin/Benazepril however side effects include kidney damage so I'm hesitant to begin him on it right away. A lot of sphynx owners with babies who also have HCM say...
  2. PicklesBenito

    Hi!! I'm New, Have 2! Baby girl has HCM

    Hi!! My husband and I have two beautiful bald babies, Benito is our 3 year old white boy and Pickles is his two year old tabby sister. She is also the sweetest silly cute thing you have ever seen. They travel everywhere with us and I couldn't even imagine spending a night without them, as you...
  3. Nofuratu

    Good news about heart murmurs and HCM

    Some of you know we have cats with HCM... We just took Count Von Count for his 2nd echocardiogram, a year after his diagnosis. He has been on the minimum dose of Atenolol once a day for a year now and his echo results were great news! His HCM has stayed completely the same! No enlargement or...