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birthday cake

  1. 7 months old b-day hat n dinner

    7 months old b-day hat n dinner

  2. Annejo12

    Sphynx birthday

    My Sphynx and my grand daughter share the same birthday. I have been telling my grand daughter since I got Rapael that I was going to make a cat food cake for their birthday to share. Does anyone have any ideas for decorating a cupcake or something? I have been on Pinterest and can only find...
  3. SupplyPipe28

    Birthday Cake for Raw Diet Kitties?

    Hi everyone, Our baby boy is turning 1 tomorrow :love::love::love: and I've been flip-flopping on making him a birthday cake only because I can't seem to find any recipes for cats on a raw diet - does anyone (@Xandria ? :happy:) have a recipe they'd like to share?! So far, he has no allergies...