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  1. H

    My cat won't stop biting his tail!

    Hi everyone! My hairless cat is 3 years old, and has playfully bitten at his tail since he was a baby. It appears from the outside that he does not realize it is his tail, and will swat and bite at it. The past few months, he has started to be more aggressive with his tail, attacking it to the...
  2. pussiette

    Tail help

    Hi there my baby has always had a habit of chewing her tail since she was a little kitten but there has never been any issues. Over the past couple of days we noticed the tip of her tail looked different. We are going to take her to the vet tomorrow night as the man we see is not available today...
  3. Jenn.Dios

    Feline hyperesthesia?

    My little Swindle (6 year old male sphynx) recently had bitten his tail to the point it had to be amputated. About 2 inches from the tip. He use to just lick it. We are going through various steps to try to fix it. As he is in a cone now. It is healed but he continues to try to bite it. I have...