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    Mouse, when we first got him back in February :)
  2. Maddie

    The "OTHER" Blankie... Astrid's Travel Blanket

    So when I first got Astrid, my Nanna created a monster by making a super fuzzy blankie for Astrid... that she now refuses to sleep without.. meaning I have to shoved a queen sized blanket into my suitcase each time I go home!! So in prep for this trip home, I made a small fuzzy blanket for the...
  3. Maddie

    Astrid's Homework Protest

    Thought I would share Astrid's little protest. Normally, when I do school work she sits with me or runs around playing. The other day she decided to go and pout in her house since she wasn't allowed to sit on the keyboard or use my papers as a slip-and-slide! It was pretty cute though. She fell...
  4. BusterTheCat

    Heated Blankets?

    Hello all. At the beginning of winter, I bought Buster his very first heated blanket. It's amazing and super cozy! Has anyone else gotten one for their Sphynx? I am always very nervous about having it on when I'm not laying with him. I also get nervous about it getting too hot (I can control the...
  5. Snug Like A Bug In A Rug

    Snug Like A Bug In A Rug