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breeze litter system

  1. SphynxCatCarl

    Litter to Breeze system

    Hi guys! My brother has 2 DSH that are about 3 years old and he recently transitioned from traditional litter box to the tidy cats breeze system. My 12 week old sphynx was there visiting and he used the breeze box with no problem, did #1 and #2 in it. So, being annoyed with litter (tidy cats...
  2. O

    What is the "cleanest" cat litter to use with a Spynx?

    I feel like my kitty is always dirty from the dust of the litter. I have tried many different kinds and am now thinking of switching boxes completely to with Breeze or the Smart Cat Box, they both use pellets. Anyone have any suggestions for the "cleanest" litter out there? Thanks!!
  3. kelsheyyx

    breeze litter box?

    I've had many friends recommend the breeze litter system to me since it is a lot less smelly, and there is no litter that will be tracked around the house. My kitten was using scoop away before I bought her, so I bought that for her to use and placed it next to the breeze. I'm trying to...