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  1. Ryleaxx

    Strange "bruise"?

    Hey, This is my first time ever posting to this site. I just wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience with their sphynx cat. Lafayette is a free spirit and often gets into trouble falls off things and gets stuck in small places because she's too curious for her own good so I'm used to...
  2. Chellelady

    Skin issue or bruise on leg?

    My 17 week old baby just developed this mark on his leg. I can't tell if it is maybe a bruise or some other skin issue. At first I thought it was just dirt, but it did not budge, even when rubbed with coconut oil. Of course I'm worried about it. Has anyone seen anything like this before...
  3. snajim

    Redish bruising after neuter?

    Hey everyone! I got my little guy neutered on Wednesday. Picked up him up in the evening and he's seemed fine. He's been eating and acting normally. I checked this morning and everything was fine but after getting home from work there was a large red spot between his back legs. I took him to the...
  4. InariSan

    Help! What are these bumps and spots?

    My 8 year old sphynx has started to show small (pinhead) sized black spots under her skin. It started as one on her back, and now they are starting to pop up in more places. I moved to a small town where the vet doesn't know much if any about the breed. They currently cut a piece off but then...
  5. Shamrokin

    Terrible bruising after neuter

    I had Poet neutered this week and he developed horrible bruising. It's gotten worse since Tues morning when he was neutered. I took him back to the vet and he wants to wait a couple more days to see if it clears up. Anyone else experienced this?