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canadian sphynx

  1. What’s the password?

    What’s the password?

  2. Barista Please

    Barista Please

  3. You Glow Girl

    You Glow Girl

    She’s perfectly pink-ish after a good scrub! Looking fresh as a daisy!
  4. Glowing Pink after 1st Spa Day

    Glowing Pink after 1st Spa Day

    Minka’s first Spa Day
  5. Tiny little Minka baby!

    Tiny little Minka baby!

    She’s going to be a petite little lady!
  6. Monica

    CFA & TICA Show Sphynx

    Hola!! Who here has experience showing their sphynx? :D I'm interested in possibly showing my Kenzo Bare in the kitten division once I get him. My breeder favors him and one other male in her current litters. I'd like to get in touch with some Lairians who have show experience and pick...