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cat allergy

  1. Kotonok

    Cat Ear cleaning Problem

    Hello! I’ve took the best advice from this community when it came to cleaning my cats ear. I was wondering though, is it common that when you clean their ears they start to salivate a lot and drooling afterwards? Is it an allergic reaction ?
  2. S

    Cat rash?

    Hi everyone, My cat Kendrick has had this rash for about a week, I have tried giving her cat Benadryl in hopes it was perhaps allergies and there is no change. Her diet has no changed at all her food has been the same. She gets a bath every two weeks and has been for the last 10 years. Any...
  3. alandsim

    Expecting a 3yo Don Sphynx Girl and currently own a dog #prayforme

    Hi there, my name's Al, short for a girl's name :) I own a two year old husky and I will be picking up a 3 year old don sphynx mama that is retiring from a breeder next weekend.. I am feeling positive about the whole situation because: 1) My dog is well exercised and mostly sleeps when...