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cat clothes

  1. IMG_20190702_144831.jpg


    His winter coat for indoor air conditioning
  2. King Kenzo Bare

    King Kenzo Bare

  3. Custom Jumpers from Russia!

    Custom Jumpers from Russia!

  4. Nudie Patootie


    We would LOVE to meet everyone at CatConLA! If you plan to come, please stop by and say "hello"!
  5. Mr. Biggles and Tater Tot

    Mr. Biggles and Tater Tot

    Good Morning Everyone! :)
  6. FelineNakedLife

    Sphynx Sweater Sewing Pattern??

    Ok, does anyone have a picture tutorial of a sewing pattern for a little fleece sweater? I would rather brave the sewing machine and attempt making my own rather than spending a ton of money on 1 sweater when I'm getting 2 babies! I'm a visual learner.....any ideas? Thanks!!
  7. BluesMummy

    Blue Is Superman !!!!

    Today blue has a new jacket, hes never walked in one before but this one is loose & it seems really comfortable, the only problem is since hes been wearing it he thinks he has super-powers & can fly & keeps jumping on poor Fifa lol, anyway just wanted to show him off in his new clothes....its...
  8. Tale Grude

    Sphynx clothing - How tight can it be?

    Hi! I have yet another question, haha :P I was wondering, how tight should/can their clothing be? Kisa is so small that I don't think I'll be ordering any kitten clothing for her, cause she will be growing so quickly. But I want to fit a wollen sock to her, but I'm scared it'l get to tight or...