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cat litter

  1. Z

    Cat litter that doesn't irritate

    Hey all my cat has some skin issues which we are addressing. But wondered if there are certain types of cat litter that would irritate more ? We have always used dust free types but any recommendations would be great ! Soy, wood pellets, clay ect ect or brands that I can purchase in Australia:)
  2. Kink

    Litter locker and clumping litter

    I have two questions, has anyone tried the litter locker? Is it worth buying to help with the smell after you clean the litter boxes? Also was wondering why are we not meant to use clumping litter with the sphynx breed I heard it is something to do with getting in there eyes? Thanks!
  3. Silke

    All wood litter is not equal

    As some know, I use non clumping wood pellets which "explode" when they get wet. Interesting tidbit about this type of litter. All wood pellets are not equal. I started with Tesco Wood Litter which was great, but there is no Tesco in Germany. So then I used Kaufland litter, which she liked...
  4. Nicolemorgan

    Cat Litter

    We currently use Worlds Best Cat litter. We have no issues at all with it, and the sphynx cats use it no problem, and we find that it's not too bad with dust and good for clumping etc. The reason I put up this post, is I see some people mentioning yeast infections that are associated with the...
  5. JessicaJorja

    What type of flushable cat litter do you use

    I've been using a toilet training kit for actual using human toilet I've been using recycled paper litter (fresh news) but it doesn't actually say it's flushable... Also it seems to be causing a bit of a rashy leg problem for my sphynx. I'm assuming it's the baking soda additive as I also get a...
  6. Anna Enora

    Least smelly cat litter?? Help

    I moved into my own (studio) flat from my parent's detached house and my sphynx moved with me. My folks' house had a lot bigger toilet where I kept my cat's litter and the air conditioning was better too so the smell of the litter didn't bother at all, you couldn't really smell anything. Now...
  7. KitKat121

    First time cat owner with questions

    In a couple of weeks I'm adopting a Sphynx! Incredibly excited...but with it I'm very anxious and feel a bit lost. I've never owned any type of cat before (parents are avid dog lovers) and while I've done plenty of research and am confident on knowing how to maintain an overall well being for...
  8. Elaina

    Can anyone answer my two questions?

    I thought I may as well put my two questions into one thread! One question being one that is starting to concern me and the other being a more general question. Any advice would be great. My Gabbi is 6 months old now. I'm just a little concerned with her breathing? Only when she is asleep/comes...
  9. theors01

    cat litter

    what is the safest cat litter? I am using worlds best corn litter but the smell of the corn litter is nauseating. i'd rather smell is poop than the litter itself! i used yesterdays news litter which I liked because it didn't smell like anything until Kato used it. But they no longer carry it in...