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cat proofing

  1. Lunasphynx1995

    Safety ideas for ledges

    Basically my sphynx loves climbing and jumping. Luna is really hyper and over the last few days I’ve had 2 close calls and one tumble over the edge of this ledge in my bedroom. She is okay as she landed 4 steps down. Although my fear is that this may have given her more confidence when leaping...
  2. Sarahstar66

    Adventures in Kitten Proofing: DIY Project

    I'm still quite a long way away from Gotcha Day, but I'm using up all my spare time to prepare for Lilith's arrival. Until she gets older and more acclimated to the house, we are going to keep her in the spare bedroom while we're away and when it's time for bed. This room is also the room I use...