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  1. Pinkysmommy

    Best Brand for Sphynx

    I recently read about Royal Canin Sphynx, I've contacted every petstore, local and not so local, asked my vet and even called a few special order sights and no one can order this specific type of food for me. What would you recommend as second best? Pinky has horrible digestion problems and its...
  2. Xandria

    Raw Cat Food Information

    It's done! Until a revision is necessary :p I'll always place a date in the footer to hopefully avoid confusion. Any way... here it is: Raw Cat Food Information (the PDF *updated 6/4/17) and the accompanying Excel Spreadsheet. Thank you, everyone, who helped make this document...
  3. deanna

    freeze dried treat/food?

    so i found the website and it seems to have freeze dried treats/ food for cats and dogs, i really would love to try the treats out. now i know how sensitive sphynx stomachs can be, would it throw him off with one of these treats? right now he is on dry/wet food. has anyone given there kitties...
  4. Spoon&Sphynx

    Cost and amounts?

    I’m considering starting a raw diet and am trying to figure out the logistics of it all. If what I’m figuring is correct, this seems WAY more expensive than what I’m currently feeding. However, it’s entirely possible that I’m way off base here…. Help please haha I have 2 adult cats and will be...