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  1. D

    Adopted a Sphynx

    I adopted Molly, 6 year old spayed female sphynx from a no-kill shelter near me about a month ago. Her person went into a nursing home & I don't know anything else about her. I've only had domestic short/long hair cats until now. I thought she'd be a good addition to our family of two dogs and a...
  2. D

    Newby Here

    Hi Guys, I'm Doron and I'm new to the community. I'm super excited to get to know you guys. I own three cats and hope the number 4 would be hairless :)
  3. M

    Furry cats & Sphynx baby

    hi thank you for letting me join I've had cats for over 30 years now but Cleo is my first minx. I mean Sphynx I just wondered if any of you already had fur babies & introduced your Sphynxy to them, did they get confused?! My younger one, Pepper is now wary of my feet!
  4. Mr Wilson Vs Avocado

    Mr Wilson Vs Avocado

    I have made my research and Avocado itself is not toxic, and I am only giving him a little piece once in a while (like one a month), He was so happy with that new food! Priceless! http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/poison/avocado/
  5. SparklepunkLisa

    Safe Christmas Tree

    As you all know, I have a new Sphynx kitten, Seth. Seth is, to say the least, VERY active and nosey. :) I was wondering if anyone had a sphynx kitten around the holidays, and if so, do you think an artificial tree would be ok? I worry about him chewing the cords (cuz he likes things that...
  6. Elaina

    Getting a 3rd cat - too much?

    Hi all, Bit torn what to do. I've had my female Sphynx Gabbi for a year now which makes her nearly 1.5 years old. I recently (12 days ago) added a male Devon Rex kitten (Oscar) to the family. First few days were shaky but now they're great friends tearing around the house like nutters and...
  7. dodocats

    Belly dancing cat

    have you ever see a belly dancer cat :cat: watch this talented cute cat dancing belly dance very funny must seen :)
  8. X

    soldier looking to adopt sphynx in Fort Campbell area

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this place. I'm mark I'm 30 yrs old and I'm an avid cat lover. I have 4 right now, but I've always wanted a sphynx of my own. I believe I can provide a safe, loving and warm environment for my new friend should I be given the chance. If my 4 cats could talk they would...
  9. Tale Grude

    Flying with cats as either cargo or in the cabin of the plane

    Hello! Me and Kisa might be moving to Toronto, Canada next fall. And I'm already trying to figure out how I can make the whole moving process as smooth and as comfortable as possible for Kisa. I have read a lot about it, and I know most of it in theory, rules and regulations etc. I know that...