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  1. Sammicarkeys

    Diarrhea and Probiotics.

    I swear, I can't catch a break. As mentioned in a previous post, Leon was diagnosed with two intestinal protozoan parasites (coccidia and giardia). He was giving Panacur and Albon but he continued to have bloody diarrhea. Negative Coccidia on the second test. No way to know about the Giardia yet...
  2. Callven

    Please Help! Sphynx Chronic Diarrhea - 8 years old

    Hi, we're new here, but have a pressing question that no vet has been able to answer thus far. What is a possible reason my sphynx would have chronic diarrhea literally his entire life? He's 8 years old and has never had normal stool. It stresses me out and I worry about him, but I've seen...
  3. momdeeze

    Slippery Elm Bark for chronic diarrhea

    My two boy Sphynx have chronic diarrhea. Monday's had it since birth and Mortimer developed his when I (slowly) tried a new kibble even when we went back to the old kibble. I have tried everything: Multiple medical tests, multiple food trials, pumpkin, fiber, etc. The only thing that...