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  1. themodifieddoll

    Pooping Problems [Among Others]

    So I've had my sphynx kitten around two months now, and up until recently there have been little to no issues with her But a few days ago, she actually pooped on my roommate while she was holding her, and while cleaning her litter box this morning, I found feces on the wall near her box - I'm...
  2. Shontae

    Cat Tree Conundrum/Alleviating Boredom

    So I am looking at all of these cat trees, and I am finding that they are soooo expensive which I wouldn't mind but they also are ugly and not well made! So I am wondering several things: What is everyone's favorite cat tree, or cat scratching/climbing set-up? Cat tree vs. cat climbing walls...
  3. BusterTheCat

    Getting ready!!

    Just bought & set up a new cat tree! Our cats think they are being spoiled with all the new supplies but what they don't know is that they are about to have a new brother! Friday is Gotcha day and it doesn't feel real!! Here's a shot of Buster on our new tree:
  4. NevynNoir

    Help...Kitten Wont Stop Climbing Me

    My little guy Wonton is about 15 weeks old now, and we've been having a major issue with him climbing/jumping/digging his claws into my legs. Basically as soon as I get up, walk around or stand up, he's right there trying to climb me, or at least planning his method of attack. I will scold him...