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  1. Jordanebbitt93

    Nail split

    Hey all! I have had my sphynx girl for about three weeks now. When I got her, she was in real need of a good bath and a good clean around her eyes, ears and nails. She had changed hands about four times and shes only two, bless her. Whoever had her first didn't look after her very well, she...
  2. How to clip and clean Sphynx Cat nails.

    How to clip and clean Sphynx Cat nails.

    How to properly clip and clean your sphynx cats nails.http://www.sphynxlair.com/ - The Largest Sphynx Cat Community in the World!
  3. admin

    Clipping your Sphynx cat nails.

    How often should I clip my Sphynx cat's nails and how? We recommend clipping your Sphynx cat's nails every seven to ten days depending on how much you clip the nail back. We prefer regular human nail clippers. We just clip the very tip so we do it a little bit more often, once a week right...