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  1. Siriusphynx

    Skin moisturizing alternatives- oil sensitivities

    Hey all I'm hoping to get a little input on some skin sensitivities. Our bathing routine tends to be pretty basic: I fill the bath get them in and soap them down I use a very mild washcloth. Rinse and then put a small amount of coconut oil on after. (I've tried before as well but I don't always...
  2. O

    Brushing teeth, bathing and SPF. Advice and recommendations, please!

    Hi, I would like some advice and recommendations on brushing teeth, bathing and SPF. I have been using the toothpaste Beapar: for around over a year. At first he didn't let me brush his teeth so I had to put the toothpaste on my finger and rub it on to which then he'd lick it straight off so I...
  3. A

    Dark flaky/patchy looking areas a few days after bath and coconut oil.

    Hi everyone! I am new to this website! I adopted a baby boy sphynx who is almost 5 months old, his name is Klaus. He is truly the apple of my eye and I love him so much. After his first bath last Saturday, his skin seemed to become dry as he is not oily in the first place however, I wanted to...