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  1. WrinkleInTime

    Collar or No Collar?

    Hello Friends, We are bringing our baby Flint home in 2 weeks! We are checking things off the list to get and I am unsure about a collar? Obviously he will be an indoor cat but we will also do some leash training if he takes to it and we have a backpack cat carrier. I was thinking about a...
  2. Peachy Kitties

    Sphynx has hair on tail and muzzle?

    So my 1 year old kitten has white hair growing on her tail and muzzle, but I don't know if this stops after she gets a little older? She has lots of peach fuzz elsewhere on her body, too. I've done some research and it says the peach fuzz is normal, but I don't know about the two other spots...
  3. Chester

    Just got one! Bell collar? (and lots of meowing)

    Hi everyone, We just got our 13 week old male Sphynx a few days ago. He's very affectionate, energetic, and will not leave us alone! We love it. I have a question about bell collars. He's so tiny we find ourselves having to constantly watch where we step -- he likes to get underfoot a lot. I...
  4. L

    What does everyone do for collars?

    Or do you do them at all? I REALLY want to get Akhenaten used to wearing one while he's small, and he has one flippin adorable one that's just... Perfect. It's just an added security since he is not an outdoor cat, if he should ever dart out (my heart races just to think of it!) at least he'll...
  5. Sphnxophelia

    Paracord Collars?

    Hey Again Everybody, I was looking at Collars for Cats and Dogs and I really like the Paracord Collars. Though I was wondering if Paracord would irritate the Skin of a Sphynx? Has anyone tried these Paracord Collars? Let me know what you think.